Red Bull GIBAWAY #002

Terms and conditions

I agree that Red Bull GmbH (“Red Bull”), Red Bull’s related companies or third parties authorized by Red Bull may capture and use audio recordings, video recordings and photographs from the Event and may use my name, image, voice, appearance, performance and biographical material for any purpose (be it commercial, promotional or otherwise) worldwide in all media, forever.

 Red Bull will be enabled to use, broadcast, screen, display, reproduce and/or make available to the public the material captured during and in relation to the event in any and all media, including but not limited to radio, television, cinemas, events, data carriers and the worldwide web. Red Bull will be entitled to make any alterations, intermissions, cuts or other modifications in and to the material and to use such altered material without restrictions. Furthermore, Red Bull is allowed to transfer the granted rights to any third party.

I know that I won’t have the right to approve any of the material and that I might not be named as a participant in the Event. I also do not expect to gain financially from my appearance in any Event-related material.

Red Bull collects, processes and stores the personal data that I provided above, to evidence that I have given my consent for Red Bull and its affiliates to use this data for the purposes described in this appearance release. Red Bull will not transfer this personal data to any unauthorised third parties, unless where required by law.